Universal Iron Works: Modern Automated Sliding Gate and Fencing in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles

was thrilled when Alex reached out to us to help him with his modern style automated sliding gate, fencing, and pedestrian gate in his Woodland Hills house. Alex found us through a neighbor of his who had recently used our services and was pleased with our work. We were excited about this project as it presented an opportunity for us to showcase our expertise in iron works manufacturing and installation.

The Project Details

Our team worked closely with Alex to understand his needs and preferences before we began working on the project. Alex wanted a modern-style automated sliding gate that would complement the look of his house, along with fencing that would provide privacy and security. Additionally, he wanted a pedestrian gate for easy access.

The Design Process

We started the project by designing the sliding gate, fencing, and pedestrian gate to meet Alex's requirements. Our team used CAD software to create detailed 3D models of each element of the project. This allowed us to make precise adjustments based on Alex's feedback before starting any actual manufacturing. Once we had finalized the designs, we began manufacturing the gates and fencing at our facility. We used high-quality materials that were carefully selected to ensure durability and longevity.

The Installation Process

We installed the gates and fencing at Alex's property over a period of under two months. Our installation team worked diligently to complete the job within the specified timeframe while ensuring that every element of the project was installed flawlessly.

The Final Result

When we completed the project, Alex was thrilled with the final result. The modern style automated sliding gate, fencing with frameless top rail, and pedestrian gate blended perfectly with his house's exterior design, while providing necessary security and privacy.

The Gate Operators

We installed All-O-Matic SL-100 AC gate operators for the sliding gate and pedestrian gate. These operators are known for their durability, reliability, and convenience, and they ensure that Alex can operate his gates effortlessly.

The Uncommon Idea

One unique feature of this project was the frameless top rail used in the fencing. This design choice created a more modern look that complemented the style of the sliding gate and pedestrian gate. The frameless top rail not only provided an aesthetic benefit but also enhanced the overall security of Alex's property. Since there were no horizontal bars on top of the fence, it would be difficult for anyone to climb over it.


At Universal Iron Works, we take pride in delivering high-quality iron works manufacturing and installation services to our clients. We were delighted to work with Alex on his modern style automated sliding gate, fencing, and pedestrian gate project in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. If you are in need of iron works manufacturing and installation services in Woodland Hills or surrounding areas, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at . Our team is always ready to help you achieve your desired results.

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