Universal Iron Works: Crafting Modern Iron Gates and Fences in West Hollywood

is a trusted name when it comes to manufacturing and installing iron gates and fences. We recently completed a project for Ross, who was looking for a modern style front yard fencing, pedestrian gate, and automated driveway gate for his house in West Hollywood. In this success story, we'll take you through our journey of creating custom ironwork that satisfied our client's requirements.

The Initial Consultation

Our first step was to visit Ross's property to get an idea of the layout and the type of gate and fence that would be suitable for his needs. We examined the terrain, measured the dimensions of the front yard, and discussed with Ross the options he had in terms of design and materials.

Designing the Gates and Fence

Based on our consultation with Ross, we created a few design options for him to choose from. He wanted a modern look that would provide privacy and security while also being aesthetically pleasing. Our team worked closely with him to finalize the designs that he was happy with.

Choosing the Materials

For this project, we used high-quality iron that is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. We explained to Ross that iron is a great choice for gates and fences as it doesn't warp or rot like wood. Additionally, it requires very little maintenance compared to other materials.

The Installation Process

Once the design and materials were finalized, our team began working on fabricating the gates and fence at our Universal Iron Works workshop. The fabrication process took about two weeks, during which our craftsmen paid great attention to detail to ensure that every piece was accurately cut and welded together.

The Automated Driveway Gate

The automated driveway gate was installed first. It was a single slide gate that opened and closed smoothly thanks to the All-O-Matic gate operator we used. This operator is known for its reliability and durability, making it a popular choice among our clients.

The Pedestrian Gate

Next, we installed the pedestrian gate, which was designed to complement the driveway gate. It was also automated, with an intercom system that allowed visitors to communicate with the homeowner before entering the property. The motorized pedestrian gate added an extra layer of security while also providing easy access for guests.

The Front Yard Fence

Finally, we installed the front yard fence, which was designed to provide privacy while still being visually appealing. We incorporated a unique design element that Ross loved, which added a touch of elegance to the entire project.

The End Result

After two months of hard work, we successfully completed Ross's project on time and within budget. He was extremely happy with the outcome and appreciated how Universal Iron Works paid attention to every detail throughout the process.

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