Motorized Double Swing Driveway Gate with Glass Panels in Woodland Hills: A Universal Iron Works Success Story

At Universal Iron Works, we take pride in providing high-quality iron works manufacturing and installation services to our customers. We were referred to Karen by a magazine advertisement, and she wanted us to create a unique and modern-looking driveway gate for her house in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. After discussing her requirements and preferences, we designed a motorized double swing driveway gate combined with glass panels that would add elegance and security to her property.

The Challenges and Solutions

The project was not without its challenges. We had to take into account the sloping terrain of the driveway while designing the gate. To ensure that the gate would be levelled, we installed concrete footings at different heights to support the gate posts. Additionally, we had to make sure that the electrical wiring was concealed within the gate posts to maintain a clean and sleek appearance.

We also had to consider the weight of the glass panels as they would be attached to the gate. To prevent any damage or instability caused by wind or other weather conditions, we reinforced the frame of the gate with steel tubing. This extra support ensured that the gate would remain sturdy and secure.

The Results

The end result was a beautiful motorized double swing driveway gate that met all of Karen's requirements and exceeded her expectations. The glass panels added a modern touch while allowing natural light to pass through, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. The motorized feature allows Karen to conveniently open and close the gate from her car, providing added security and privacy to her property.

We completed the project in under two months, and Karen was thrilled with the outcome. She praised our attention to detail and professionalism throughout the entire process. Our work has not only added value to her property but also improved its overall aesthetic appeal.

Choose Universal Iron Works for Your Iron Works Needs in Woodland Hills

  • Motorized double swing driveway gates with glass panels are an excellent way to add both elegance and security to your property.
  • At Universal Iron Works, we have the expertise and experience to design, manufacture, and install custom iron works that meet your unique requirements.
  • If you live in Woodland Hills or surrounding areas, contact us today at +1 818-990-8891 or visit our website at to learn more about our services.

At Universal Iron Works, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality iron works products that exceed expectations. Let us help you transform your property with a unique and modern-looking driveway gate today!


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