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Add Security and Style to Any Property

Iron pedestrian gates provide both property protection and a stunning accent for any residential or commercial property. Iron Works products are durable, long-lasting, and designed to fit the aesthetics of any home or business. Whether you want to keep people out or welcome them in, these gates make sense.

Security matters in this day and age, and pedestrian gates function exceptionally well when it comes to blocking egress from yards, patios, or walkways. They provide peace of mind that comes with a sturdy barrier to accompany any iron fence or wall.

Never compromise on style in your quest for maximum security, however. Our iron pedestrian gates come in a variety of design options. Choose from ornate scrollwork, sleek modern designs, and other unique looks. We can help you select the right one for your property.


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Functional Foot Traffic Control for Businesses

While pedestrian gates fashioned from iron or sleek stainless steel do not provide a high measure of privacy, they do make it simple to control foot traffic. This is exceptionally important for commercial businesses that have limited hours or service sections. For example, an attractive gate can block off unused patio seating for a restaurant or stop people from exploring the gardens at a historical museum. The right gate and lock can make foot traffic management a breeze.

These decorative gates offer a secure way to close a pathway for homes too. Protect your property and family, secure a beloved pet, or add a decorative touch to an otherwise bland fence or wall. Enjoy a stylish yet functional form of protection for any property.

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I appreciate Iziks gift of vision and design. He conceptualized a wrought iron design around the front perimeter of my home with driveway and pedestrian gate access in a much different way than I was thinking. This guys a genius! He and his team made our dreams a reality. Thank you!


D W.

These people are FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I’m a property manager and they’ve helped me again and again with any metalwork I need done in my buildings. They’re prompt, helpful, courteous and, when things are crazy, very patient. I can’t say enough about them.

Mickie R.

Excellent work and customer service!! We have been using Universal for years and have never been disappointed. Prices are reasonable and you get quality work. Christine have always help us in time of need and can I mention she is the best. Thanks for being a great company.


Tiffinie P.

Iron Works for the Perfect Pedestrian Gates

Separate and Secure Walkways and More: Metal pedestrian gates are the perfect choice for a decorative yet secure way to close off any walkway. Aesthetically pleasing, these gates offer an attractive addition to any outdoor space with their unique designs and high-quality construction. 

They offer the perfect foot traffic control solution for both commercial and residential use. Enjoy the functionality of iron and steel pedestrian gates without compromising style.

Excellence in Design for Your Property: They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes so you can choose the one best suited to your needs and tastes. Match the gateway or door to an existing metal fence or railing or opt to have one installed between ends of a rock, brick, or concrete wall on your property. 

While these do not offer high degrees of privacy, they can limit views when used with other materials. Enjoy traditional bars or scrollwork, sleek stainless steel, and custom options to suit your specific tastes. Whichever style of pedestrian gates you choose, these beautiful metallic barriers will add an elegant touch to your walkway while ensuring that it remains safe at all times.

Choose Trusted Iron Works Options:

The metal used in constructing iron pedestrian gates is strong and durable, providing long-lasting security and protection from unauthorized access. In addition to this enhanced security, these gates also provide a visual barrier that can be valuable in deterring potential intruders. 

For commercial or public properties, these gates can temporarily block walkways or paths to control traffic or customize access to different areas. 

No matter what your goal for the pedestrian gates you choose, choose the best team with the most creative and construction-savvy technicians for design and installation services.

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